Saturday, August 18, 2007

Life's a Beach... Party!

Today was Mark's company summer picnic get-together. It was held at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach.
What an awesome day it was out there! Could not have planned it better! Shayna fell asleep on the way there... we scored a terrific parking spot... and the weather was gorgeous!

Shayna was in the Luau party mood, which makes it an all-around fun day! Gotta love the messy beach hair look!

Shayna played with us down at the beach and she even went bodysurfing with her dad. Sorry there aren't any pictures of that. I was playing Lifeguard while witnessing this feat. OK, well actually I looked like Baywatch's own Pamela Anderson, minus the boobs, oh yeah, and great body, oh yeah, and the long blonde hair. I was just a fat chick on the beach ready to jump in the water at a moments notice!

This place was so beautiful... I think that they should make a TV show here and call it, "Laguna Beach... Minus the Bratty Teens."


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