Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have to say that in all my years, I've never once played in an organized soccer game. I've played basketball, baseball, softball, T-Ball, hockey, roller hockey, broom hockey, volleyball, walleyball, raquetball, handball, kickball, tennis, frisbee golf, ultimate frisbee, badminton, flag football... but never soccer! Not sure why, but I just haven't. Shayna (#10) had her first game a week and a half ago and loved it! She is on the Pink Pixies team... there's a whole lotta pink going on... Camille, her life-long friend, is also on the team. They both go to different elementary schools, so it's nice to hang out with the Lindsays 3 times a week!


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At 9:07 PM, Blogger The Amazing Trips said...

Lorie. it is I. Your friend, Jenna.

Three months is long enough. It's time to update your blog. Please don't make me come back there and get you thrown out of calculus again. M'K? :)

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