Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another Fun Weekend

I don't know if it's just me, but the weekend just seems to fly by at light speed! Shayna & I are feeling much better and our cold is just a faint memory, with the exception of a few horrible coughs throughout the day...
Our good friend, Ansley, who just so happens to be the Co-Curator at the American Museum of Ceramic Art, invited us to the current exhibit opening night on Saturday. There were some interesting pieces to view, as well as, some yummy hors dourves being served. All in all, it was really fun to see Ansley working hard and meeting her parents! Shayna was very well behaved and did not break anything.

Also on Saturday, we took a trip to Ikea and bought some rolls of paper for Shayna's artist table... which were an inch too long! Darn metric system! I had Mark slice of the end with the table saw! It actually worked! Haha!
We also had fun hanging around and dancing, as you can see by this video! I'm not sure who had more fun... Mark or Shayna?

Today, Shayna and I went to the farmer's market with our neighbors Jenny & Larissa and Mark & Shayna swam in our other neighbor's (Joan & Sal) pool! It's so wonderful to be surrounded by really nice people!

For dinner, we had some homemade pizza! It just doesn't get any better (I've been cooped up for far too long)! ...and, no, those are not marshmallows on the pizza... it's yummy chunks of mozzarella goodness!


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