Friday, April 14, 2006

Rainy Day Schedule

Another Spring storm hits southern California and it's time to find something to do, other than sitting in the house all day! Shayna and I decided to venture out into the rain with the Lindsay Twins, accompanied by their mom, Lisa. We met the trio at the La Habra Children's Museum. I have never heard of this museum before, but it looked like fun on their webpage ( It's weird how things come full circle...about 10 years ago I worked on a huge grading job (for 6 months) just a few miles away and I never even knew this place existed...

Here's the museum on a nice sunny day!

We had a blast! There were tons of things for toddlers to touch and feel and play with! They even had an indoor carousel!

Shayna, my little Paleontologist, even got to sift through some rust colored sand. She uncovered lots of dinosaur bones and even an unhatched dinosaur egg! Look out, Jack Horner... Here comes Shayna Beth Marie! It's too bad that every time Shayna had a little bit of fake sand on her hands she ran over to me to wipe it off. It's OK... it was fake sand. Can you blame her?

Then we headed over to the taxidermy room. Shayna really liked petting all of the dangerous looking stuffed animals. Here's a picture of her pinching a hyena's nose while making an oink noise. Those things have some pretty terrifying looking fangs! Then she headed over to the coyote (doggie) with Mason (one of the Lindsay Twins).

They really liked petting it, even though it had some pretty gnarly fangs! Whatever, it was soft! All in all, it was another stellar day, even though the weather didn't cooperate!

Here's Shayna cooking for Camille and Mason Lindsay! Look out, Emeril Lagasse!


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