Sunday, June 04, 2006

Family Reunion - Vegas Style...

Well, we're back from another weekend jaunt! This time... Henderson, Nevada. Mark, Shayna, and I drove to Nevada for a family reunion, of sort. Shayna was AWESOME in the car! What a great traveller! I didn't even have to break out the DVD player! I just told her stories about my expeditions in the desert!

My Uncle and his wife we're in town for the Las Vegas jewelry show (they also bought a house in Henderson this weekend - and will be moving there from Florida late this summer). My cousin, Jackie with her 11 month old son, Aviv, we're there, too. And of course, my parents made the trip from L.A. It was really great to see everyone and spend some quality time. Even though it's only a 3 1/2 hour drive from Long Beach, Vegas just seems so far away. Maybe it's the heat that messes with my head!

This is the World's Tallest Thermometer in Baker, CA. If you have had Lasik surgery you can read what it says: 110 degrees F - Our Tahoe measured: 115

REGARDLESS... It was F%$#&* HOT! Henderson wasn't that bad, though... it only got up to 109 degrees on Saturday... Today it hit 104 while we were there - I guess a cold front came in overnight! We had a blast! Shayna had so much fun with her cousin's Annie and Samantha (Pinkie). They all played very well together - they shared everything and we even witnessed hugging!
Both of my brothers bought houses recently in Henderson. We are really happy for those guys!


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