Thursday, June 08, 2006

We are so small...

I was thinking about some things tonight as I sat on the couch, alone... (Mark went out with friends & Shayna was sound asleep in her crib). I thought about:
1. how life goes by really fast
2. the problems that we face every day are so insignificant (see picture above)
3. the bumper sticker I read today on my monotonous drive to work - It said "There is not enough time to hate."
4. how much I love my family and friends
5. why are we here
6. why is there NOTHING worth watching on TV
7. reading the book that I am 3/4 of the way through
8. this Blog
9. other people's Blogs
10. and finally... just how much I'm in love with Mark and Shayna.... and how lucky am I...
BTW, the picture above is US (the Earth) - from Mars' prospective.
-Sorry this is such a boring entry...


At 7:50 AM, Blogger Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Naw - this isn't a boring entry at all. This is the kind of thing that it is important to think about. And, think about often. Otherwise, you get caught up in what appears to be "life" vegging on the couch every night watching stupid shows on TV; hating everything about everyone; and not realizing how quickly life is flying by. Life does go fast. WAY TOO FAST, and I can see that more than ever now that we have toddlers and each day they are different, in some way. (and me too, I'm starting to get REALLY grey on top of my head!)

I am dreading the day they head off to kindergarten. It's going to be here sooner than I think. I don't think that women who bawl their eyes out anymore when their *babies* go off to school are losers anymore. I'll be right there - front of the pack - embarassing the heck out of our kids... "Where did my BABIES go?!"


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