Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Has Come and Gone...

Mark and I spent Easter Sunday having fun with Shayna. For those of you who do not celebrate Passover, a Yom Beytzah Sameach (that means happy egg day in Hebrew). I put some Rice Chex cereal into little plastic eggs and placed them throughout our lawn. Shayna had a blast "finding" her Easter eggs and putting them into her "Easter bucket." I just didn't have time to go out and find a basket, so we had the next best thing! What do I know...I'm Jewish!

Shayna was so cute looking for her Easter eggs! Here are more pictures of her on her hunt! She's so cute with her bonnet!

Later in the day, my parents came over to watch Shayna for the afternoon. Mark and I needed some alone time so we drove over to the Edwards 26 Movie Theaters... Mind you, there are 26 theaters and all we could manage to agree on was the wonderfully huge hit, "Bench Warmers." Nice... we were the oldest people in the movie theater! Oh well it was kinda funny, but I won't even recommend it for a rental! It was a fun day and Shayna didn't even notice we were gone!

I took this picture of Shayna on Sunday and I just had to post it!


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