Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sunday Outing and More...

I know that I promised you all pictures of Shayna on the back of Mark's bike, but... it didn't happen (taking of pictures). Instead I have some lovely pictures of Shayna at the beach. We threw the bikes on the back of the Volkswagen and headed off to Belmont Hts. We parked the van and jumped on our bikes for a ride along the beach front bike path. It was a gorgeous day. We found a little beach behind the peninsula and parked the bikes. Out came the towels, bathing suits, more sunscreen, and our large picnic mat. Mark took Shayna down to the water to play and I just snapped photos! It was great! Everyone was really nice and I know we'll be back there soon.

Shayna is climbing on everything, now. Curse MyGym! She was great before we started going there! I thought to myself as our friends with children complained about their kids climbing in and out of cribs, furniture, high chairs, etc., how lucky are we...we don't have a climber! Yippeeee.... well, it's like when you're driving on the freeway during rush hour and there's NO traffic whatsoever... you say to yourself, "WOW... I can't believe there isn't any traffic!" And before you say "any traffic," you are right upon those awful red brake lights....
Ahhh, the irony!
Shayna has now got quite the collection of "Little People." She loves playing with all of the people and animals. The other day, I thought this was sooo cute. I caught her spinning her "Little People" on our computer chair. Apparently, everyone, including the farm animals were on a field trip to the amusement park... the ride, "Whirlwind Computer Desk Chair." I don't know, but I'd pay good money for that ride! (Because I cannot post another picture for some reason, I'll add another post with that picture - curse!)


At 11:47 PM, Blogger Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

I love that picture of Shayna and Mark at the beach - - that's AWESOME!!!!

So, she's in the stage of putting all her little people together, too?? I need to post a picture about that - - Carolyn is doing it also. It is HYSTERICAL. She lines all of her teddy bears up on the couch so they can watch Baby Einstein with her - - and if anyone dares touch those teddy bears, she knocks them down and kicks their a$$. Seriously. She is one tough little chickie.

Too fast. They are growing up TOO DAMN fast.

Have a good weekend! :)


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