Saturday, November 29, 2008


There was "fall-like" weather this week, so Shayna got to stomp around in her new rain boots & jacket! F-U-N!

On Thursday
, we were invited over to my uncle and aunt's house for Thanksgiving because this year we didn't make it to Baja for our annual trip. It took us almost 2 hours of L.A. traffic to get to their house, which is only 45 miles away... seriously! Shayna slept the entire way, so we totally lucked out!

I only got 1 picture from Thanksgiving because I was too busy playing basketball with Brian and Mindy's cousin, Ronnie, and friend, Yonny, from Israel. Needless to say, I played my best in a brand new cashmere sweater from Nordstroms and my Payless loafers... I still kicked butt! It was a wonderful time and the food was delicious! Thanks again for having us, Mark and Jackie!

On Friday night, we were invited to our neighbor's house for another Thanksgiving feast! It was a blast hanging out with friends and Jenny's family. No basketball game last night... thank goodness!

Today we decided to check out our boat... yes, we own a boat... and go out for a dinghy ride. Mark is so cute! We went for a little ride and came back to the dock because Shayna said she was seasick. I got her aboard the Pegasus (our big sailboat) and checked her out - only to find that she was covered in itchy hives. We raced to the nearest grocery store and bought some Benedryl. Within 30 minutes most of the hives were gone. When we arrived home, we got her into a warm bath. The hives are mostly all gone and now Mark and Shayna are both asleep on the couch... so cute...

Hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving and a great weekend!


At 10:24 PM, Blogger Jen @ Amazing Trips said...

Hives?? From what?!

Your Thanksgiving sounds like it was fun. It must be nice to know that you still have "it" on the court. You're such a stud, Lorie!! :)

At 5:44 AM, Blogger GeologyJoe said...

Hives are awful.
Did you end up getting out on a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour? :)


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