Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles (minus the planes)

We headed up to Mark's parent's house for XMAS. Now, being 35 weeks pregnant, the prospect of driving for 7 or 8 hours was not sitting well with me. Having to stop for bathroom and stretching breaks would've added at least a couple hours to our drive. Lynn came up with the wonderful idea of taking the train... For a mere $130 roundtrip (3 passengers), we could all hang out on the train and enjoy our stress free ride up north. We packed the van and headed up to Bakersfield (a short 2 hour drive) to catch the train up to Motown (Modesto), where Mark's dad, Art, would be waiting for us.

We were fortunate to grab the "family" seating area, which consisted of a table and 4 seats facing one another. We had access to a couple of outlets so Shayna could watch a movie or two, while mom and dad slept.

This was pretty much our view on our way back through the San Joaquin Valley!

We got into Motown a little behind schedule (because Amtrak is NEVER late - just behind schedule) and headed up to Sonora. We had a wonderful XMAS! Lots of family, fun, food, and presents!

Here's a cute picture of Cooper, Kaitlyn, Shayna, and Grace. Next year, we'll have to make room for William!

Here's a great shot of Mark and Shayna!

Here's Shayna with her Grammie Lynn!

All in all, it was a wonderful XMAS and I'm so happy that we made the trip up north! Thanks again to Art & Lynn for everything (oh and my awesome Snuggie, which I'm wearing right now as I post to my blog!)!


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