Monday, October 12, 2009

Almost Halloween...

Today, Shayna and I spent some time after school at Pa's Pumpkin Patch in Seal Beach. I guess it's a tradition for us to go there every October to check out rides and, of course, the petting zoo. It's also a time where I take a picture of Shayna with the ginormous pumpkins (see pictures at the end of this post).

We met our friends there today and had loads of fun!

First, we went on the slide.

Then, the train!

The Pink Elephants were next... (that's Shayna with her buddy, Camille)

The spinning Tub O' Fun, with her friend, Mason... where they spun around and around for what seemed like 45 minutes...

Here's Shayna, post Tub O' Fun! No, she didn't puke! What a trooper!

Then we were off to the "fun" picture taking area. Here's a funny one with Shayna and Mason!

This has to be my favorite shot of the day!

Here are the pictures from 2005 to 2009:
October, 2005

October, 2006

October, 2007

October, 2008

October, 2009

...and YES, I cried while posting these last photos... it must be the preggo hormones...


At 12:15 AM, Blogger Ansley Bleu said...

How fun seeing the progression pix. She is sooo pretty.


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