Saturday, September 05, 2009

19 1/2 Weeks

Here I am at 19 1/2 weeks along... I don't think I was this big with Shayna until the 8th month... We have our big ultrasound on Tuesday at 8:30am, so I'll post baby picts as soon as I get home.

We had a blast today at the Long Beach Greek Festival. There were a ton of rides for the kids and lots of yummy Greek food... including baklava - my favorite. I probably ate 2 pounds of it! Gotta love being pregnant! I needed 2 forks and a knife just to eat it all!

Shayna also won a goldfish... well, sort of. We let her throw some ping pong balls and paid the guy $5 for a goldfish, which she promptly named, "Lovey Dovey." She calls "her" Lovey and we had to stop off at the pet store on the way home to get some fish food. All in all, it was a fun night and I'm sure Lovey is happy to be living with our family - I just hope she doesn't die in the next couple of days, like our last go-around with goldfish!


At 11:26 PM, Blogger The Amazing Trips said...

Oh my gosh - look at how much I've missed the past few days!!

You look AWESOME!! I'm so glad that your pregnancy is progressing well. I'm sure you're enjoying this "easy" time before you really do feel like a hippo and are unable to move. My pregnancy with Henry is so vivid in my mind. I think I was more uncomfortable w/ him then I ever was with the triplets!!!

I'm sorry I missed you during the past two weeks I've been in your 'hood. My schedule was too crazy to do anything. But we'll be hooking up soon... birthdays are just around the corner...!!!


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