Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last Day of School

Shayna had her last day of school on Thursday. We organized a pizza and ice cream party for the parents and kids. I think that everyone had a great time and we will miss all of Shayna's classmates. Here's a picture of Shayna with her beloved, Miss. Carro. It was their last day together and I think they both shed some tears!

Here is a picture of Shayna's classmates.

This is a cute shot of Shayna eating her lunch. It was CRAZY dress-up day for the last day of school. Shayna wore her wetsuit with a pink tutu and her UGG boots. It was fun! This Fall we begin Pre-K... I am so not ready for that!


At 11:19 PM, Blogger The Amazing Trips said...

Wow - for the first time, I can see Shayna looking like YOU in this post!! That last picture of her sitting at the table?? She looks just like a little Lorie ... seconds before you got us kicked out of Calculus.

No. Really!!

(Pre-K. How is it possible??)


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