Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday Night Baseball

Last year at this time I was thinking about all of us getting in a car and heading up to Chavez Ravine to check out some EXPENSIVE Dodgers baseball action. With ticket prices soaring and concession prices skyrocketing, we decided that we ought to try out a less expensive alternative. I got 4 tickets for Saturday night's Long Beach Armada game. We did not pay for parking and dinner was around $20... for all 4 of us. Pretty good deal, for sure! Tickets are $8 a piece, so if we had to leave the game early, it's no big deal. The game began at 7:05pm and we were outta there by 8:30... about 4 1/2 innings worth... it was fun and the girls enjoyed themselves! Plus, it's only about 5 miles from our house! Gotta love minor league baseball!


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