Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Haircut, Finally!

Shayna has been complaining to whoever will listen, about her hair getting in her face and how annoying it is... so I finally got up the nerve to go and get it cut. The gal took about 4 inches off the back and gave her some bangs. It's a really cute cut and Shayna LOVES it! I think it makes her look like she's 10 and I guess I'm not ready for that. Oh and BTW, today was Face-painting at school (this week's letter is "F").


At 6:59 PM, Blogger The Amazing Trips said...

WOW! She does look like she's 10 ... although after today, she's 1/2 way there!! Can you believe that your BABY is five?! Can you believe that you'll have another one in just a few more months?!

I wish we could have joined you guys today and help celebrate this BIG milestone. You were definitely in our thoughts. I was telling the girls tonight that Shayna turned five today and they were so happy to hear that she's the same age as them. When I told them that Shayna was soon going to have a new baby brother named William - they wanted to get in the car and drive up to your house right away.

All of us, we're so happy for the Bartee Bunch!! :)


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