Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lance Armstrong

This time of year, I am preparing myself for the summer weather... going through my clothes and packing away the jeans and pants for use next fall. A few years ago, I would also be preparing myself for Le Tour... The Tour de France. Because Lance Armstrong gave up cycling a few years back, I gave up watching it. It just wasn't the same to me, so I just lost interest. This year, Lance is on a new team and is looking slim and fit. Here he is on the cover of "Outside" magazine.He was actually wearing a plain blue tee, but the editors decided it would be great to add the profane graphic, "38. BFD." I'm not sure what looks more photoshoped... the Tee graphics or his big head on the little body... haha!


At 10:40 AM, Blogger GeologyJoe said...

i cant wait for the tour this year. i think LA has an outside chance at best to win and at 38 he will be riding against guys 10 and 15 years younger.
he should just try and ride the RAAM or set the track distance record.


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