Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kindergarten Sign-Ups!

Shayna is officially signed up for Kindergarten at our neighborhood elementary school. Last week when I picked up the "Kindergarten Packet" for our school, I noticed that we were deficient in some immunization areas... for instance, Shayna needed her 2nd MMR shot, blood tests, urine tests, and a TB Test. Who knew that the Long Beach Unified School District cared so much about my kid's health... They even require them to see a dentist! I made an appointment at her doctor's office and took her in. I told her that she'd be getting these shots and not to worry because after we would leave the doctor's office we would make our way to the Dollar Store for a $5 shopping spree. After she rec'd her TB Test and MMR shot, I was informed by the nurse that we had to go elsewhere for the blood and urine tests. GRRRRREAT (with a facetious tone)! We got back into the van and headed over to the lab, which just so happened to be right across the street from the Dollar Store. I did not tell Shayna about the blood test... only the urine test. She actually made up a song about peeing in a cup on the way to the lab. So cute (again, with a facetious tone)!! After peeing in a cup, the lab lady in the white coat escorted the 3 of us to Room B... the needle room. When Shayna realized that they were going to take blood from her... WITH A NEEDLE... she freaked out and started crying. I'm not talking about the whimpering kind, I'm talking SCREAMING! As soon as this started, William, who was fast asleep without a care in the world, began to stir and... well... began his version of SCREAMING... then my phone rang.... then my boobs started leaking through my shirt because I heard William crying... I took William out of his stroller because his little face was turning purple and began to nurse him, right there in Room B! I didn't care if my boob was hanging out, because it meant one less screaming kid. There was no way I was going to answer my phone, either, although in hindsight, I should've, because it was Mark - I actually should've just opened my phone to let him hear what was going on... that'll teach him to call me at the wrong time! Haha! Needless to say, with one kid on the boob and the other on my lap, the nurse got the blood out of Shayna's poor little arm and I learned a very valuable lesson on how to juggle while riding a unicycle without falling down!!!


At 12:31 PM, Blogger The Amazing Trips said...

Now maybe you can understand why I just kept Henry in a baby carrier the first year of his life. He was ATTACHED to my chest the entire time and he NEVER cried. Because, of course, he was nursing, constantly.

I need to get up there and see you guys. We've been so sick though, one bug after another. Carolyn and I both have sinus infections right now and William, Elizabeth & Henry are sneezing green. Definitely not a good time to mix with you and your newborn...

Congrats on K sign up. Can you believe it?!

At 2:22 PM, Blogger lisa said...

Aw crap, do I need to work blood tests and vaccinations into my schedule in the next couple of weeks?? :( booooo


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