Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Finally...A New Blog Entry!

Well here I am….Jenna is pissed because I haven’t updated my Blog in quite a while…sorry!
I am starting to hate Blogger because it has been very hard to upload any photos. It is very frustrating sitting in front of my computer for an hour or so trying to upload a single picture. I don't know if Blogger gets too busy or what, but I think an email to their tech dept is in order! Because Jenna is the only person who actually reads this Blog –
Here we go:
Working 4 days a week really sucks the life out of me! When I come home from work all I want to do is spend time with my baby girl, eat, then sleep. I am done with keyboards! Can you blame me? I mean, she is the cutest little princess around, you know. So I decided to type this Blog entry at work during my lunch break – only one thing – I don’t have any food sitting in front of me (so I guess it’s just a break), which is probably a good thing because have you seen my a$$ lately? Well, it’s huge. I really don’t want to go looking for my fat pants so I’m squeezing myself into those size 6 Gap Low and Loose jeans! Hahaha – low and loose – they should be called High and Tight! Well, enough about me… Shayna is becoming quite the linguist. We were watching the Teletubbies and she pointed to the TV and said, “Poe…scooter.” It was awesome. I love her cute little voice. It is also really cute when she throws her food on the floor and says, “Noooooo…BAD.” Yeah, I know… food on the floor is BAD but it’s so funny when she does that. Mark and I just look at each other and with wide open eyes, tell her, “Nooooo…BAD.” She thinks it’s hilarious. We don’t know what to do. I’ve tried taking her bowl with the rest of her food in it, away but then that really doesn’t teach her anything because I have to feed her the rest of it. It’s an endless cycle and one day I will have forgotten all about these obstacles.

OK.. Speaking about cycles… I promised a picture on the back of Mark's bike, so here it finally is. She LOVES sitting in her bike seat! All I hear from her is, "Weeeeeeee....Woooowwwww, Hi Mama, Up - Down - Up -Down." It's so awesome!

Well, it's time to give the 35 year old eyes a break for the day. I will try to post again tomorrow...

Click on the photo below for a cute video of Shayna at the beach:


At 11:14 PM, Blogger Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Alright. First things first. You can fit in a size 6?! Holy crap!!

Next on the agenda. Uploading pictures to blogger ... BTDT. You need to download Mozilla Firefox on your computer. It replaces Internet Explorer. This one simple change has made ALL the difference in the world for me. Mozilla ROCKS. IE sucks.

Next on the agenda. I'm glad you updated your blog. I was getting a little bent. I mean - you started out with such gusto.

Last on the agenda ... but certainly not least - Shayna is a doll. Love the picture of her on the back of Mark's bike. She looks like such a big, little girl.

This size. I want them to STAY this size. Forever. Is it possible?!?

Thanks for updating the blog ... this just proves, once again - squeaky wheel gets the grease. I however, am not updating my blog tonight. I just said good bye to a house full of triplet mom's that were here to learn how to knit. We actually had a VERY good time. Lots of beer was consumed. Wish you were here! :)


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