Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why Do We Have To Work?

OK... nice double chin, Lorie! I usually only have a double chin when taking self-protraits - so it really doesn't count! Here we are at the beach last week. It was a blast! Shayna and I collected sea shells and she went swimming with daddy. She then ran clear down the beach to catch up with some little birds - they, of course flew away when she got close.... so the next time she ran over to them she stopped about 20 feet from the birds, turned around and walked backwards towards them! She's so smart! Well, sort of... they still flew away - maybe because I was laughing so hard!

Here we are at the park on Saturday morning. Don't know why, but we were the only ones there enjoying the ginormous super slide. Shayna is completely fearless! I went down right after her and I was scared! I'm such a wuss! Anyhoo, we had a fun Labor Day weekend! We had the pleasure of hosting our neighbors, Jenny, Will, and their 11 month old daughter, Larissa, for a barbeque. Mark made his famous BBQ Salmon with grilled veggies and Jenny brought over a yummy rice dish, tasty guacamole, and some ice cold beer! All in all, it was a very nice weekend!


At 10:07 PM, Blogger Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

hot diggity ... last weekend was fun, eh? wait 'til THIS weekend. you won't know what hit ya...!!!


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