Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tis the Season!

Last Wednesday night, we headed over to the Queen Mary in the Port of Long Beach. Our friend, Lisa, invited us to join her to view the annual tree lighting ceremony (which Shayna & I missed - later explained in this post). It was really inspirational.
This shot is Long Beach, from the deck of the Queen Mary.

Children from all over Long Beach sang holiday melodies while representing various nations throughout the world. They were very friendly, as we met & talked with Lichtenstein and Norway in the elevator. Shayna loved the music and who could blame her!

Also in attendance was none other than Santa Claus. We have been practicing with her all week to get ready and prepared to sit on his lap. She's even going to tell him that she wants a "horsie."
Santa got down from his velvety chair and sat on the floor with her, as he knew she had an aversion to him. It was really cute, until she decided that running away was a better choice! Please wish us luck with our upcoming photo shoot with Mr. Claus!

As it turns out, the potty training is coming along swimmingly...Shayna told me that she had to pee pee in the toilet just moments before the lighting of the tree... after searching throughout the entire Promenade Deck, we finally found the bathroom. The toilet seats were, for some reason, huge! Shayna practically fell in and the pee pee never happened - could you blame her? A special thank you goes out to the inventor of Pull-Ups!

Here is an unimpressive (dark) shot of the lighted Christmas Tree


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