Sunday, January 07, 2007

Big Changes!

The day finally arrived when it was time for the "Big Girl" Bed! Shayna has never been a great sleeper and I blame that on her parents (maybe another blog entry at a later date), so Mark & I decided to try out another option... we went out and bought Shayna a bed.

We did it! Mark took the crib apart... and set up her bed... all this in one day! I don't think that we had a choice because all of the books encourage the parents to get their little ones excited about it. So, we woke up on Saturday and told Shayna our intentions. She seemed very excited and proud of herself, because not only can she do her business in the toilet, she now gets to sleep in a "Big Girl" bed.

Luckily we found a bed that Mark and I both agreed on. We were able to take it & the mattress home with us. Too bad it didn't fit in the Tahoe. We drove home, Mark jumped in the Van, drove back down to the OC, and picked it up. In the meantime, Shayna & I headed over to Bed, Bath, & Beyond for some bedding. We found some really cute things then headed over to Babies R' Us, where BTW, they do NOT carry Twin sized waterproof mattress covers (Target does, as I found out today). We bought some side rails and a new Baby Einstein video - so she could watch it while we set up her bed. Turns out, Shayna wanted to help, and I think that was a good thing. It was her "Big Girl" bed, afterall.

This is such a cute picture. It just reminds me of Dan Aykroyd in the SNL skit where he's a refrigerator repair man...hehehehe

For the rest of the day, all she could talk about was her bed. Then, it was time.....................

I went in with her, like usual, to read a book and say our
prayers. When I left, she started to cry . During this time, Mark's high school buddy, Chris and his wife, Jean who were visiting, told us NOT to go in there. They are experienced parents in this sort of thing, so we took their advice. As painful as it was, we didn't go back in and after 15 minutes, ahe stopped crying & never crawled out of her bed! A HUGE thank you goes out to those two. Here's a picture that I snapped before Mark and I went to sleep that night. Awwww....

Here's a picture of Shayna calling her Grammie and PaPa to tell them the BIG news!

Here is our cutie pie, who BTW, slept til 7:30 am without waking up during the night!


At 11:04 PM, Blogger Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Wow! Congratulations, Shayna!!! That is HUGE news ... first the potty and now this!! I better not tell Charlie. Who knows what he'll try with the triplets when I'm away at work this week... !!! :)

Yes, Santa brought the jumper for the kids. They LOVE it! We blow it up in the backyard and the kids bounce away all of their energy and then sleep soundly. I don't know who loves it more - us or them. Come down any time and let's jump!!

I hope too much dust doesn't build on Shayna's crib before another baby comes in to the Bartee household....


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