Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Kid's Life!

Today, we woke up here in the LBZ with bone-chilling temps! Granted, it is winter, but below freezing temps??? Wha??? This is Long BEACH, California!!!! I don't even have a coat for these temps! Yeah, I have a ski jacket, but that's a ski jacket. I miss summer!

Today, Shayna and I and a few friends peeled ourselves away from the TV (NFL playoffs.. OK, just me out of the group) and headed over to the Cerritos Center for the Arts to see the fabulous production of A Kid's Life. It was great! Shayna and the kids had a blast! This was Shayna's first show, so I was a bit worried. She was great! She sat in her seat with her legs crossed and her hands folded in her lap. She is so mellow. About half way through the show, I asked her if she wanted to sit in my lap and of course, she said, "yes." She nibbled on some dried blue berries and Cheerios, and all of a sudden, it was over. If you have a chance, check out the show. It's only about 1 hour long - just perfect for little kids (& most adults!).


At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Lisa said...

Yeah, the freezing temps are not too killed our tree in the backyard. Two weeks ago, it was growing like a weed, now it looks dead. I have pretty much decided that I never want to live anywhere but SoCal after the past week of bone-chilling 57 degree days. BRRRRR!!!!

You gave A Kids' Life better reviews that I would have...great for the kids, but mind-numbing for adults...


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