Friday, September 21, 2007

Shayna's First Soccer Class

Today was Shayna's very first Mommy/Daddy & Me Soccer Class. Mark was able to stay home this morning to video tape the first of many soccer exhibitions. I wasn't going to sign Shayna up for the class, but she has really shown us in the past few weeks how good of soccer player she is. She can kick the ball off the ground, on the ground, and even dribble around the lawn with the ball. So, as the case, we shelled out $95 for an 8 week soccer class. I can now officially call myself a, "Soccer Mom!" Now all I need is an SUV... oh wait...

In today's mail, I rec'd an "Official" Los Angeles County jury summons... greaaaat! I called the number on my "official" paperwork and told them that I qualify to be excused. Turns out I got someone on the phone (yes, a real person), she spoke English to perfection, and subsequently got excused. Apparently, if one cares for someone else during the hours of 8am and 5pm, you have an "Official" excuse. It's too bad that I don't live in Las Vegas... there would be NO excuse for me to participate in a jury... especially if it was for the OJ case! GUILTY... no matter what!

Back to soccer... Here's a cute video from Shayna's soccer class today. The coaches had the kids kick their ball to various color coordinated flags with "little" kicks. It was sooooo cute!

Here's a cute one with Daddy

We will be practicing all weekend, if it doesn't rain, with her new "official" ball that we purchased at the sporting goods store, today!


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