Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Miracle... & a Skuut...

Shayna is asleep for a nap right now as I type this post. Lately, she has been very reluctant to nap. Therefore, today's nap could be classed as a "Christmas Miracle!" We are having a wonderful time with Mark's parents (Grammie and Grandad) and the rest of the family. Last night everyone came over for some yummy cioppino and presents. It was a really fun time!

This morning, Shayna woke up to find that Santa had brought her a new bike. This bike or Skuut as it's called, is from the Netherlands, and has no pedals. The kids learn their balance first, then everything else is a piece of cake. Shayna has had trouble learning how to pedal with the bike her grandparents got her last year. She gets very frustrated with the pedaling! So, Mark found this bike on the internet and VIOLA! SHE LOVES IT! After about 10 minutes of Skuuting along, she finally got the hang of it and picked her feet up and balanced while riding... what an accomplishment! She was so pleased with hereself!

Here she is ready for the motocross circuit!


At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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