Saturday, February 02, 2008

Pre-Superbowl Saturday...

Well, tomorrow's the biggest football day of the year. Pats vs Giants. I don't really care who wins (sorry Jenna), as I will be rooting for points at the end of each quarter. Every year, our office has a SB pool, where everyone buys a square for $5/piece. So, go 7-3!

Mark's birthday was a success! His "Refrigerator Cake," as he calls it, turned out yummy, so that's all that really mattered! I use a Strawberry cake mix instead of a white cake mix, as the recipe above calls for. It's the BEST!

Tonight, a cricket appeared on our carpet as I was combing Shayna's hair after her bath (hence, the messy wet hair). I screamed for Mark to come and kill it. Instead, he asked for Shayna's Bug Observer. I brought it over and Shayna got to actually see what makes that peculiar noise at
night! I am just not a bug person. Can't stand 'em... hate 'em! But, Shayna is fascinated with 'em.... YUCK!


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