Monday, January 14, 2008

Discovery Monday

Today, I decided that we should go to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. We were there almost 2 years ago and I felt that Shayna was too young to really take in the "science" aspect. The last time we were here was in April of 2006, so I figured that she was ready. Some of the exhibits were cool. The one that I thought was cool, was the Coprolite exhibit. For those who do not have a degree in Geology or Paleontology, Coprolite is just fossilized dung! Shayna really thought it was, "Awesome."

We headed inside and on over to the geology exhibit. Shayna scored an A+ today, as she correctly identified the Granite, much to the surprise of the elderly volunteer behind the table. She wanted her camera to take pictures of some quartzite specimens.

After some lunch
and $20 spent at the Museum store, we made our way to the car in 80 degree heat to find a portion of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Just a side bar... my grandfather, Sam, had a part in inventing the heat tiles that keep the shuttles cool while re-entry into the earth's atmosphere! He wrote the book!
Later this evening, after dinner, Shayna then proceeded to kick our butts in CandyLand. She's just lucky it wasn't basketball!


At 8:51 PM, Blogger Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Look at her with her camera - that's awesome. Next she'll require a hand lens to get a closer inspection. Do you still have one??


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