Wednesday, March 12, 2008


WHY... WHY... WHY... is all I hear these days. I say, "Shayna get your shoes on." She says, "Why?"
Finish your dinner... WHY?.... Go to bed... W
HY?... Get dressed... WHY?

I asked myself, "Why is she asking me WHY all of the time?" I looked online and here's what I found:

Most parents have experienced that stage in a child's life, we tell them to do something or try to explain something and then it begins, "but why???". For the most part, it's not about wanting to know "why" per se, it's more about the need for attention and connection.

While young children are trying to understand their world, their peers, and elders, communication becomes a critical component of their interpersonal growth and development. Primarily looking for a "connection", talking can become a great expression of love and recognition.

When adults are talking, children will often interrupt, or seem to. They are just trying to become part of the "communion" between people. When involving children in your conversation, this is also an expression of love and understanding.

When your child asks "why?" the next time, instead of trying to explain to the point of frustration, attempt to solicit their own opinion as to why they think things are a certain way. Try to become involved it their thought process and try to engage them as an equal.

Avoid using "childish" terms and characterizations. Remember that children need that recognition as much as other expressions of love. Treat someone as a child, and they will act as a child. Treat them as an equal, and their self respect and maturity will grow.

Children only seek truth and wisdom about a world that is often difficult for even adults to understand. As their parents, children see us as the primary source of that wisdom. Being a parent is more than being a guardian, it is being a teacher, a confidant, and a friend.

The next time your child asks "why?", seize the moment to create a bond that will last a lifetime!

About the Author...

Eric Lorence was a "long haul" truck driver for twelve years before leaving the industry to start various internet businesses and engage in other pursuits.

Just in case you wanted to know, Why...


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