Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Memorial Day in the Books

We pretty much spent the weekend in town because we've learned, during our childless days, that traveling on such a holiday means hours in traffic. So, Mark took Shayna to the park, while I cleaned her drawers out to make room for clothes that actually fit. She is growing so fast, that her once too long pants are now capris! After Shayna's (& Mark's) nap, the two decided that it would be fun to fly a kite in front of our house. It was going great until a neighbor stopped by to chit chat with Mark. Mark lost his concentration and then the kite. It is now perched in our neighbor's 20 foot high tree. We both spent about an hour trying to get the Winnie the Pooh kite out of the tree by: throwing softballs, heaving soccer balls and big sticks, spraying it with a hose, and trying to climb the darn tree. Nothing worked! So today we are going back to Ralph's and buying 2 more $3.99 kites!

Here's mark trying to get the soccer ball out of our neighbor's bush!


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