Monday, April 28, 2008

California Emergency Preparedness

As a professional geologist in California, and having worked for one summer at the USGS/CalTech, I am fully aware of the potential for a major earthquake or disaster which may or may not occur in our great state. Now that I'm a mom, I worry too much about the potential disaster from a different prospective. I was contacted by a group representing the state of California to help urge citizens of this fine state to assess their risk, create and document an emergency preparedness plan, which can be then saved, printed and/or emailed to family and friends. In addition to the downloadable disaster plan, the state has created a short, customizable book to help you educate your children on what to do in the event of an emergency. What I am asking of you, is to go to this important site and create your own family plan. It's a cinch! If you can fill out a form, you can create an important tool for your family. What the state hopes is that WE can spread awareness and stimulate action for this important initiative, not just with your friends and family, but statewide.

Here is the link to access your emergency plan materials and WE Prepare! Children’s Book

Click here to start!

It's also very important to put together your own preparedness kit! Here's a cool site to start a list from: Make Your Own Preparedness Kit

Mark and I will be adding a few more important items to our new disaster kit. I can't believe that the Northridge Quake was 14 years ago! My family was very lucky, as my dad and I visited Costco the day before that quake and bought a ton of water, drinks, and flashlights (which happened to be free after you mailed in your rebate form). We experienced some damage in that quake and was without power for almost an entire week! Please prepare yourselves and take the time to check out the websites I have highlighted on this page!


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