Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Death Valley Days...

We left for Death Valley, our old mapping grounds, last Wednesday night, with a brief stop over in Tecopa. On our way to DV, we had some breakfast at the World Famous Crowbar in Shoshone. Shayna was not told of the "wonderful" times we had here as geology students back so long ago. She did hear about Jenna's pool table story... LOL! This is a "G" rated blog, so I won't get into it... After a huge plate of pancakes and 5 cups of coffee, we headed to our campground in Furnace Creek, with a stop at Badwater, of course. Shayna was a very cranky kid at this point, for some reason. She was not happy at all and refused to listen to either one of us. Don't you just love our family portrait?
On the way to Badwater, we noticed some awesome flower blooms along the sides of the road. They were beautiful and so was the landscape!

Here's a cute one of Shayna with her Dorothy the Dinosaur hat!

...and here's one of our campsite.

We made it over to Scotty's Castle and saw some wildlife
, too!

When we got back from the castle, we headed over to the Furnace Creek Ranch pool, which btw, you have to purchase your tickets @ 7am sharp, or they sell out!

And my favorite picture of the trip:

When we arrived home on Saturday, we came home to this:

- about 3 dozen dead bees scattered around the house, but mostly in the kitchen! If someone can tell how this happens when your house is locked up tight, is much appreciated!


At 10:11 PM, Blogger Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

AWESOME!! I am so wanting to do a camping trip with our kids. I don't think we'll be able to do it this month, but definitely next month. Maybe something local, one of the beaches perhaps. And then, next year (b/c it'll be too hot after May) we are doing DV. I LOVE IT THERE.

Hey, we are heading up to LA on 5/1, the whole gang. I have to do some work for work, and Charlie will be kickin' it with the kids. Will you be around?


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