Friday, May 02, 2008

A Day at the Aquarium

We met our friends, Jenna & Charlie and their kiddos at the Aquarium of the Pacific yesterday, as they were up from San Diego for the day. It was awesome seeing those guys, as we haven't seen them in quite a long time, even though we only live a few short hours from San Diego. Shayna and I spent a few hours at the Aquarium until our friends arrived.

We had a blast hanging
out and showing them the cool exhibits. I think the highlight of the day (there were many) were the feely-touchy exhibits. The kids loved to touch the sharks, rays, sea stars, and anemones (because that's where Nemo lives).

Speaking of Nemo, the kids really
loved the Nemo & Dory exhibit, but not as much as Charlie and I did... LOL! Another highlight of the day, was watching the tank divers feed the fish and clean the tanks.

We decided to go and check out the Lorikeet exhibit. Shayna loves to hold and feed the birds. She has no fear, unlike her mother! Hopefully Jenna won't post the picture she took of me!!

Here is one of Charlie and
the "Trip-elets," as Shayna likes to call her friends.

The day went by at lightning speed and the kids were getting tired, so we decided to head back to our house for some dinner. The kids had fun playing with one other, while the adults had fun drinking wine with one other! Farmer Mark had fun helping the kids pick their own oranges off the tree. I cut the oranges up for the kids, which kept them tied up until the pizza arrived. It was a great day, and like I said before, I wish that we lived closer to our good friends!


At 7:35 PM, Blogger Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Awesome, Lorie. Thanks again for spending the day with us and for the free ticket!!

We had a great time. Must drink wine and eat pizza with you guys more often!!


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