Sunday, April 30, 2006

Child Labor Law???

Yesterday, Shayna helped us out in the yard. It was a blast! She is so funny! I would trim the bush and she would pick up the clippings and put them into a bucket. What a great little helper! She was out there with me for an hour... just picking up the leaves as they fell! As you can see by this picture, she was so good at it that she did it with her eyes closed! Today was the day we wished we had triplets! We could've had the whole yard covered!!
That bucket sure does look heavy! I am so glad that we got her to wear her hat. Even though she looks like Mark, she has my Eastern European (Russian-WHITE) complexion. We are so very nervous about prolonged time in the sun. It is stated on her antibiotics to avoid prolonged sun exposure. We're just cautious anyways!
Shayna has really begun to imitate everything that we're doing... including saying, "Hello," everytime the phone rings. It is so cute! She plays with her "pretend" phone and runs around the house with it attached to her shoulder and ear saying, "E-L-L-O."
Shayna is becoming this little person. Every day she says a few new words. She can now point to her ear, eye, teeth, and hair - and tell us what each part is. It is awesome to know that Mark and I are the first people to hear her say words.
We are just totally in love!

<--- Check out this cute video (click on this picture)


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