Monday, July 03, 2006

4 Day Weekend!

What more could you ask for? Ok, maybe a 5 or 6 or 7 day weekend... I'm not the greedy type so I am enjoying day 3 of my 4 day weekend! Even though I made a brief appearance into the office today, it doesn't count because we were BBQing! Shayna had fun at the BBQ as well... I had to break out the colored pencils so she could color in the stick figure "kitty" that I had to draw. Don't ask me how to color in a stick figure, Shayna is an artist and I don't question her beautiful artwork! It's really strange because I've had some of these colored pencils since my SSU days. Who would've ever thought that Mark Bartee and I would've gotten together, married, and had the most beautiful little girl? Ahhh, those old SSU days!

Our awesome neighbors (with the pool) are away this weekend and asked us to watch their house in exchange for the use of their pool & jacuzzi. Hmmmm, I think we got the better end of this deal! Shayna and Mark love pool time together. Shayna is learning how to hold her breath and to blow bubbles. She loves the water and I'm sure we will be spending most of tomorrow swimming. It's been pretty hot here in the LBZ - 80's - 90's.... so hanging out at the pool has been a wonderful plus to our weekend. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our neighborhood! Have a fun 4th of July tomorrow!


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