Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Livin' in Long Beach...

On Monday, Shayna and I were off to meet our neighbors, Jenny and Larissa, at the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was a great day to go, as there were no school trips and hardly any visitors. Shayna & Larissa had a great time running around and petting the sea life.

At the Aquarium, there is also an outdoor Lorikeet exhibit. These birds love to fly low and buzz the visitors. One can even buy some nectar to feed them, as they are very friendly. One of the staff members helped place a bird on Shayna's arm. The adventure only lasted a few seconds (not enough time for a picture). She is still excited about it!

Then... Tuesday morning I went outside to get in the car to go to work and I noticed that the driver's side door to the Tahoe was open...hmmmmm... "Mark - you forgot to shut the door." Nope, that wasn't the case. Someone tried to steal our car. I went inside the house to get Mark and when he opened the door he noticed this (see picture below). The would-be-amateur car thieves got away with Mark's Blockbuster Video card and my mom's handicapped placard (which is a total bummer!). We were very lucky that they didn't get away with the car! Mark called the police and they sent someone right away to make a report. Then they sent out a CSI unit to fingerprint the car. The officer said he got a "good" print... so we'll see what happens... gotta love livin' in the LBZ! (Needless to say, our "CLUB," which was somewhere in the garage at the time of the incident, is now properly placed on the steering wheel!)


At 8:02 PM, Blogger Erickson 5 said...

This is scary stuff that someone tried to steal your car! Yikes! My cousin lived in Long Beach. He actaully just passed away in October but I know he loved it there. Thanks for visiting my Blog and delurking!
Your little girl is a cutie!


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