Monday, June 23, 2008

Schooooooool, Tomorrow...

Schoooooool, tomorrow... - that's what my parents used to say to tease me and my brothers the day before school started... for our ENTIRE school aged lives! So, why not carry on this horrible tradition to my child? Tomorrow, Shayna begins preschool. I am very excited because she is totally on the brink of reading. She can actually sound out words and read her books! I am so proud of her! Today was the first day that she read a complete sentence... WOW!

On Sunday, my parents drove down here to join us at the Aquarium of the Pacific. My dad made a new friend, a Lorikeet. That bird loved sitting on his hat! Shayna also made a new friend... a playful sea lion! The trick with the sea lion is to hold a coin up to the glass. I think that they are hoping it's food... maybe??? It makes for a cute picture, though!

Also... I saw this sign at the Costco gas station the other day and had to post it! It's hilarious! I just love the "see-thru" mini-skirt, and her (or his-you never can tell, these days...) lack of feet and face!


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