Thursday, June 26, 2008

Schoooool, Today!

Well, actually, school began on Tuesday, but it was more like a meet and greet. Today was the first time I left Shayna somewhere for more than an hour. Here are some pictures of her classroom and locker. Because Shayna only goes to school two days a week, she shares her locker with "Shea." When I dropped her off this morning, she kissed me and said, "goodbye, mommy." No tears.... from her.... then there's me...Yep! I did it... I cried again! I'm glad that I had my sunglasses with me! After wiping my eyes in the bathroom, I headed over to the women's locker room and then up to work out in the gym. After about an hour, I left and went grocery shopping. It was so relaxing to just browse through the aisles at my own pace... what a concept!

I picked Shayna up from school and she was so excited to see me... I almost starting crying... again!!! OK... I took a sip of water and controlled myself! She would not stop talking about how much she loves her teacher and school! Phew... that's a relief! She told me all about school in 10 straight minutes. It was so cute. Then I asked her if she went to the bathroom and she told me that she told her teacher that she had to go and the teacher told her she can go by herself... so she did... she even unsnapped and snapped her own pants! She did forget to zip up her zipper... but I don't think that kids make fun of each other about that yet.

Don't tell anyone, but I can't wait til Tuesday...hehehe...


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