Friday, August 22, 2008

Last Day of Summer School

It was a fun, fast paced 10 weeks of summer school for Shayna. It was her first time in a school setting and I think that she handled it a whole lot better than me! The picture on the right is the front door to her Room 8. This school always has the best decorations... Her class was decorated with a pirate's theme, hence the anchors and treasure chests.

Here's a picture of Shayna with her friend, Maura, and the assistant teacher, Miss. Macias. Shayna was not too happy when I snapped this photo...

Here's Shayna with her teacher, Miss. Carro. Hopefully, we will get Miss. Carro as her teacher in the Fall! Once again, Shayna was in no mood for picture taking! I should've taken these pictures before the start of class rather than after class!


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