Sunday, July 13, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

Last night my Uncle Mark and Aunt Jackie invited me to go with them to the Dodgers / Marlins game at Dodger Stadium. Like always, they had great seats. Before the game started, my cousin, Brian, and I hung out on the center field warning track waiting for some batting practice (BP) fly balls. It was awesome! Every time a ball was hit towards this gated area, people would attack one another for a BP ball. A $3 ball... Brian was given a ball by one of the Florida Marlins' players, but I had to fight for my $3 ball. A ground ball off the bat of an unknown Marlins player came my way. It must have taken 30 minutes for that ball to roll all the way out to centerfield. It finally arrived and a mass of people pushed us down and into the warning track dirt... for a $3 ball! Well, this was war and there was NO WAY anyone else was gettin' that ball! Needless to say, I got the ball, along with a few scratches and warning track dirt embedded in my knee and a bruised wrist, which really doesn't hurt if you're holding an official Major League Baseball ball! Check out the huge cut on my thumb!!!! Haha!!!

It was a great evening of baseball and fireworks... oh and I got to meet Kenny Landreaux! He played for the Dodgers back in the 1980's!


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