Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Surprise

Mark's parent's (Shayna's Grammie & Grandad) Art & Lynn, stopped by this weekend on their final leg of a 3-week journey, which took them to Oregon, Idaho, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and Zion. After watching the slide show of their vacation, I just want to pack up and go! They had the most amazing experiences and pictures to prove it! Here they are parked outside our house!

We had a fun time this weekend! We went to Tanaka Farms for some pumpkin patch fun on Saturday.

Here we all are in the wagon.

Here's Shayna looking super duper cool in her shades as she races around the track on the John Deere tractor!

Posing with dad!

Here's Shayna painting a pumpkin. I just love the face with the googly eyes. She's so focused when painting or coloring. Maybe that's the reason I'm a horrible artist... lack of focus! No, I'm just not as talented as my 3 year old...

...and here's the almost finished product.

Winner - Winner - Chicken Dinner!

We had a really nice weekend! It was so great to see Art and Lynn (or the Griswalds, as our neighbors referred to them - the motorhome...)! We can't wait to see them in November for Shayna's birthday!

***Also, please donate if you can! My Alzheimer's Memory 5K Walk, takes place next Sunday. The link to donate (please!) is in the right hand column! Thanks!!!!!***


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