Thursday, October 09, 2008

Visit From an Old Friend

My friend from college, Nicole, is in town this week for a conference in San Diego. She came over on Tuesday and spent the night. We had an awesome time getting reacquainted, since it's been over 14 years since we've seen each other! Here's a funny self portrait of us!
On Tuesday afternoon, we picked Shayna up from school and headed over to our local Nature Center for a fun time of hiking and animal viewing! In all of the years we have been going to the Nature Center, we saw more animals on Tuesday than I have seen, combined, at any other time! We saw a coyote, big fluffy kitty cat, rabbits, hawks, turtles, fish, squirrels, and tons of lizards & spiders (yuck). It was awesome! After our animal adventure, we came home and then we were off for some yummy Thai food!

On Wednesday, we dropped Shayna off at school, so we could go hang out at the Aquarium of the Pacific. On our way out to the parking lot, Shayna's teacher caught up to us and informed me that Shayna was allergic to the shaving cream the kids were playing with. We ran back in and found her arms covered in yucky spots up to her biceps!
Well, Shayna's doctor is right around the corner, so we took her there, just as a precaution. The doctor just said to give her some Benedryl and it'll go away... duh, I could've just thought of that and saved myself the $20 copay! She's fine and we took her to the Aquarium with us. Joy!

We had a blast showing Nicole all the cool things at the Aquarium!

Nicole had fun, too!

I'm so happy that Nicole came and visited with us. She is such a cool
gal and I wish that we lived closer! Plus, she would make a GREAT babysitter! HA!


At 11:27 AM, Blogger Jane @ Amazing Trips said...

Nicole!! It's so great to see her!! Wow, she looks just the same minus 6 or 8-inches of hair!! I especially love her shark hat. That would be great in the field!!

We received Shayna's invite yesterday and we're planning to be there! Let's just hope EVERYONE is healthy. Now for a moment of prayer...


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