Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fall is in the Air!

My almost 4th grader starts the new school year on Tuesday...  Today, we went shopping for clothes with the other 150,000 people who decided to wait until the weekend before...  I try to tell myself EVERY year that I won't do this again next year, but Past Lorie's voice simply isn't loud enough to remember.  So hopefully by posting this I will remember.  YAY for Past Lorie! 

This year, we will be sending William to Kindergarten, at least that's what the school calls it.  He has been in Pre-Kindergarten for almost a year because he is twice the size of the preschoolers.  The teachers think he is ready, so we are going for it.  The staff has decided that they will have academics in the morning, so William can peel off and nap with the Pre-K'ers - since he is still takes a 2-hour afternoon nap...  Hey, I'm not complaining!  It gives us and the teachers a break from a very active 4 1/2 year old boy!

Very excited to post first day of school pictures, next week and even more excited to get this blog going again!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Put a Bird on it!

Well, we've been up here in the Pacific Northwest for a little over 2 years and we aren't looking back!  We love it up here... but what's not to love?  We have big green trees, 4 seasons, clean air, clean water, and sometimes snow in the winter.  We just sold our old house (it's pending right now) in Long Beach, CA.  It's bittersweet for us...   I remember walking into that beautiful Cliff May Rancho thinking, this is my house!  I am buying this!  And lo and behold, we did!  That was in March of 2002...  12 years and 2 kids later we are up here in Portlandia... land of the home-grown breweries, tattoos, piercings, and all-around weirdos... we so fit in!

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