Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Surprise

Mark's parent's (Shayna's Grammie & Grandad) Art & Lynn, stopped by this weekend on their final leg of a 3-week journey, which took them to Oregon, Idaho, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and Zion. After watching the slide show of their vacation, I just want to pack up and go! They had the most amazing experiences and pictures to prove it! Here they are parked outside our house!

We had a fun time this weekend! We went to Tanaka Farms for some pumpkin patch fun on Saturday.

Here we all are in the wagon.

Here's Shayna looking super duper cool in her shades as she races around the track on the John Deere tractor!

Posing with dad!

Here's Shayna painting a pumpkin. I just love the face with the googly eyes. She's so focused when painting or coloring. Maybe that's the reason I'm a horrible artist... lack of focus! No, I'm just not as talented as my 3 year old...

...and here's the almost finished product.

Winner - Winner - Chicken Dinner!

We had a really nice weekend! It was so great to see Art and Lynn (or the Griswalds, as our neighbors referred to them - the motorhome...)! We can't wait to see them in November for Shayna's birthday!

***Also, please donate if you can! My Alzheimer's Memory 5K Walk, takes place next Sunday. The link to donate (please!) is in the right hand column! Thanks!!!!!***

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It was my mom's birthday on Sunday and we celebrated the day with her. Shayna spent the night at my parent's house Saturday, so my mom got to wake up at 6 am for a birthday visit from Shayna! Ahhhh... so sweet! Mark and I drove up to the Valley in the morning so we could all go to the circus, which is in town for the week.

We got to see some awesome trampoline acts...

Balancing acts...

and even motorcycle acts...

It was fun to see Shayna's expressions during the 2
hour performance. After the circus we headed over to my brother, Josh's, house. It was fun visiting with them at their new pad!

Here's a cute picture of Baby Joey!

After Josh's house, we went to P.F. Changs for my mom's birthday dinner. My Uncle and Aunt were there with Brian, my mom's cousin, Sharon, Mindy's Uncle Bobby, and her cousin Uriah, from Israel.

My mom had a well deserved wonderful day!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

People are SICK!

What is the matter with people these days? Why, when I check my blog do I find that SICK people are searching on Google Images for this: "all+the+kids+going+to+a+bathroom" - I have your IP address (142.161.158.# (MTS Allstream)), Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, SICKO! I AM FORWARDING IT TO THE AUTHORITIES! Yes, I would be scared!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nothing New...

I thought that I would update the blog, just to keep me sane... so here goes... nothing new is going on, other than Shayna is really enjoying going to school 5 days a week. She got the same teacher that she had in the summer time, so she's really happy. Plus, one of her best friends, from outside of school, is in her class, so that's working out well. I think that I would be happier if I could be a fly on the wall in her classroom. I just miss her so much during the day. I signed up as "Room Mom" for her class... whatever that means... so I've now taken on the responsibility for something, other than vacuuming and cooking (I'll let you know how that goes)!

Speaking of cooking, check out this awesome plate I made for Shayna. It's got some falaffel, pita, hummus, cucumbers, & yogurt all in a cute little face! It wasn't cute enough to eat though... I had to make her a quick hot dog because she didn't really like the falaffel... oh well, maybe next time, I guess!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Funny


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget

We must never forget....September 11, 2001

Thursday, September 04, 2008

FUN Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend, we headed up north to visit Mark's parents, Art (Grandad) and Lynn (Grammie). We arrived late Thursday afternoon. The boys headed off to poker night, while the girls went to dinner, followed by some miniature golf. My mother-in-law wanted me to write about how she beat me in miniature golf on Thursday night... so here goes: My mother-in-law, whom I love dearly, kicked my butt in miniature golf - THERE - I said it! LOL!

We had a great weekend swimming and spending time with family. Dan, Kristi, and the kids, came on over and we had a wonderful barbecue. It was fun to see the big kids playing in the pool and Gracie running around the house yelling, "YUMM-O!"

On Friday night, Shayna was running throughout the house, chasing Casey the cat. Well, it got very quiet, so Mark went looking for them. He found the pair in the master bathroom... one was in the sink, the other was giving the cat a bath with Grammie's toothbrush! Ahhh, the innocence!

Our last night was fun, too, because after dinner, we ALL played mini golf! If anyone is interested, my mother-in-law and I tied! Phew... & no, I don't have that scorecard to prove it, but I do have a picture of my HOLE-IN-ONE!

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