Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shayna the Softballer!

I think it was way back in 1979 when my family and I drove past the park where they were having little league baseball sign-ups. All I knew was, that I wanted to play! At that time, there were no softball leagues for girls that we were aware of... so we had to play hardball with the boys. I had no idea that "softball" even existed, so it was clear to me that baseball was my only choice! I was placed on the "Mets" with one other girl. The "men in charge" of the league did not approve of us playing, so they were going to make us wear protective cups! If it wasn't for my dad, us girls would've had to wear "boy" cups... I think he promised them a lawsuit if they made us wear them. I am in the middle row, all they way to the right (with my mouth open...LOL) and my dad is sitting right next to me. Funny thing - Right now, I am 4 years older than my dad is in this picture! WOW!

We signed Shayna up for softball (Bobby Sox). As much as I wanted to be the coach, it is not possible at this time, with new baby and no sleep! She's really excited and I'm not too sure if she comprehends that her mom played Division II softba
ll in college...

Mini-Sox - 6U
For Girls with Playing Ages4 to 7
: Designed to teach the basic skills. All girls play and learn the game of softball, develop a team attitude and above all else... have fun
The pitching distance is 25 feet. Mini-Sox has their own set of safety rules but girls learn to hit first off the tee, then off a Staff Pitcher and by the end of the season, off a Player Pitcher.

Here are some pictures of Shayna at her first softball practice:

Friday, February 19, 2010

One Month Old and a Loose Tooth!

I cannot believe that William is one month old, today! He is getting bigger and bigger every minute of the day. We have started to supplement with formula because, frankly, I can't keep up with him! He has changed so much! I had to go through his clothes today and box up the newborn stuff - which has been replaced with 3-6 month clothes... He didn't even get to wear half the stuff he had because he outgrew them too quickly!

In other news... Shayna has a loose front tooth on the bottom, so no more biting into apples!!!

I wish that time would slow down!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

So Blessed!

Mark and I are so blessed to have two healthy, beautiful children! It has been a long while since I've posted to my blog because after delivering a kid, one tends not to have a ton of free time on their hands, nor the desire to sit and type away. First things first - I must take the time to thank my wonderful in-laws, Art and Lynn, for coming down here and just flat out taking care of us! We are so grateful for all of their help!!! Love you!!!

Well, here's my birth story:

I had been having irregular contractions for the entire week leading up to the birth. The night before, I was up all night with contractions everywhere from 8 to 17 t
o 20 minutes apart. Although they weren't very strong, they are still considered contractions. The next morning (Tuesday the 19th) I woke up and made my way out to the living room. It was about 8:30 am when the "real" contractions began. These were every 4 minutes apart - you could literally set your watch to them! I knew this was the real deal, so I called Mark at around 9:30, on his cell phone, and told him to get home and take me to the hospital. He arrived at about 10:30, grabbed my bag, and headed out the door. The drive on the 405 was an easy one, thanks to the carpool lane! We arrived at the hospital at around 11:00 and checked into the Labor and Delivery. We were placed into LD Room 2. After a little while, I received my epidural and some Pitocin to speed up the process. Everything was peachy, UNTIL, the storm of the century opened up outside - Tornados and massive flooding was going on. Do you think I cared... NOPE! I had my epidural and so everything was rainbows and unicorns! UNTIL, the roof began to leak.... ON ME! I pushed the red call button and informed the lovely nurses of Orange Coast Memorial Hospital and they switched me to LDR 6, because 5 was flooded out, too! CRIKEY... what's going on out there? Here's a picture of the cafeteria's courtyard that Mark snapped, during my 10 minutes between being 6 and 8 centimeters dilated. Seriously, it was that fast! Soon enough, I had urges to push. I did not have that with Shayna, so this was all new to me. The nurse told me not to push because my doctor was on her way over... which she was... she was there about a minute later... and William was born about 5 minutes later!

To be continued....

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