Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back to Work

Well, I know that yesterday was the first day back to work after the long weekend but it still kinda felt like part of the holiday. We had a great 4th of July! Every year, the Rosebay Street residents close off the street and set up an entire block o' fun! The kids are split up into Team Red and Team Blue. Lots of competition - Everything from "Fill the Bucket up with water from a cup on your head" to the good old balloon toss! The adults have fun, too! Of course there is always someone carrying around a tray of Jello shooters! Yum!
Even though Shayna is a bit too young to participate in the festivities, she had fun soaking herself in someone's lawn sprinkler. I had her in the most adorable 4th of July outfit... for about 3 minutes... as soon as she spotted water, she headed straight for it. I let her have at it! She was soaked to the bone in 5 seconds! I ran home to get the camera and towel. We walked back home and I put her in her bathing suit, water shoes, and hat and headed back to the sprinkler! Everyone loved watching her splash around in the water! It was a great day!


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