Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Best!

Every day just keeps getting better and better! Shayna has
really taken a liking to bubbles. Everything she says is followed by, "Mommy...bubbles!" She could sit there for HOURS and blow bubbles. It is the cutest thing! She is really growing up WAY TOO FAST! She will be 2 years old in less than a month. For the past week, Shayna has really been putting words together to form sentences. It's really neat how one day she's saying only one word then the next day it's two...then the next day it's three! We were driving together this morning in the car and the whole time she was talking...Mommy, look...puppy....Mommy puppy home eat. It's really neat. With words, come, "Mommy, pee-pee." OMG... she knows when it's coming. I ask her if she wants to go on the "Big-Girl" toilet and she says, "yes." So we run to the bathrrom and I sit her on her Big-Girl seat. She just stares at me - deer in the headlights (I know it's a cliche, but it's the only way to describe it). No pee pee - but she's got a monsterous handful of TP! I turn my back for one second to close up the diaper I just ripped off of her and WHAMO - a whole roll wadded up in her hand.
It's so cute!

Here is a picture of Shayna doing what she does best! Check out the bow in her hair... she likes to wear a bow in her hair while she blows bubbles... when her gets caught up in a newly formed bubble it tends to pop. She's really serious about this!


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