Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My 100th Post!!

My 100th Post!
Well, I've reached the milestone at last! My 100th post! So, as such, the custom around this land of blogville, I'm going to list 100 things about me. If you get through this, then you will certainly earn some Brownie points!
Here goes...(deep breath)

1) I can't believe my 100th post is already here
2) I don't have time to write 100 things...
3) and most of you don't have time to read them.
4) I am at work right now
5) I was an only child for 20 months – then my brother, Dennis, was born.
6) I have two younger brothers.
7) My dad married my mom at age 23
8) My mom married my dad at age 21.
9) They are still married.
10) I was their first child.
11) My mom was just 24 when she had me.
12) We lived in a small apartment in the Hollywood Hills
13) I was only 5 days old when the San Fernando earthquake hit.
14) I really don’t remember it, though.
15) was also in the 1987 Whittier earthquake
16) ...and the 1989 Loma Prieta (World Series) earthquake
17) …and the 1992 Lander’s earthquake
18) …and the 1994 Northridge earthquake
19) I wanted to be a seismologist
20) but after experiencing those quakes, I changed my mind
21) I interned at USGS/Cal Tech Seismology Department in the Summer of 1993
22) I interned at the La Brea Tar Pits a bit later
23) When I was in grade school, I wanted to be a teacher or psychologist
24) Funny, how they're both pretty much the same profession these days
25) I went to private schools from the 4th grade on
26) I played varsity basketball and softball in high school
27) I was First Team All-League in both sports
28) …from 10th to 12th grade
29) I also played JV volleyball
30) …but I wasn’t very good
31) Went to Sonoma State University
32) was recruited to play both basketball and softball
33) offered a scholarship to play basketball at the University of Hawaii
34) …and Gonzaga University
35) …and Whittier College
36) turned them down to play at SSU, the only conference in NCAA Div.2 to NOT offer scholarships (duh…)
37) majored in Business as a Freshman
38) …switched to Communications my Junior year
39) was a DJ at SSU’s cable radio station KSUN
40) Became Sports Department Head at the radio station
41) got bored and switched majors again… to Geology
43) graduated in 1994 with a BS in Geology
44) Met Mark (my future husband) at SSU
45) he also graduated in 1994 with a BS in Geology
46) got my first Geology job with GeoSoils in October, 1994
47) moved in with Mark in 1995
48) got married in 2000
49) …on a huge yacht in Newport Beach, CA
50) I married a great guy.
51) Sometimes I bug him just a little.
52) Sometimes he bugs me just a little.
53) But I think I love him more than the day I married him.
54) Before we were first married, we bought a 30’ Grampian sailboat.
55) Then in 1997 we bought a 41’ SeaWolf Ketch.
56) We loved sailing together
57) we would go to Catalina Island frequently
58) we loved to go fishing off the boat
59) we loved to go SCUBA diving, too
60) I sure miss those good ole days
61) don’t get me wrong… I love these days, too!
62) I love my husband’s family!
63) I am so lucky to have the best in-laws
64) they have welcomed me into their family with open arms
65) especially when they take my money on poker nights! LOL
66) I have celebrated many XMAS holidays with them
67) I am Jewish
68) So…I never celebrated XMAS before I met Mark
69) I always wondered, as a kid, how people celebrated XMAS
70) well, it’s better than I ever had imagined it
71) My dad was born in Asbury Park, New Jersey
72) that’s where Bruce Springsteen is from
73) My mom was born in Queens, New York
74) My dad’s family moved to southern California in 1953
75) My mom’s family moved to southern California in 1948
76) My paternal grandparents were born in the United States
77) My maternal grandmother was born in England in 1915
78) My maternal grandfather was born in Belgium in 1910
79) They moved to the States right before World War II
80) My maternal grandparents were first cousins
81) I was very close my maternal grandmother, Selma
82) I was only 10 when she passed away…*tear
83) Shayna is named for her
84) I am getting old and I don't like it, not one bit!
85) Luckily, my husband will always be older than I am. ;)
86) I will be 36 on Superbowl Sunday
87) I'm a little bit excited by that!
88) I have been to Italy… twice
89) I have also been to England, France, & Belgium
90) I love watching World War II movies
91) Though I’m not really sure why
92) I would love to have one more child
93) I won a Gold Medal in basketball at the 1986 Maccabi Games in Toronto, Canada
94) I was a ball girl on the sidelines for the Sonoma State University football team
95) I love, love, love my baby girl, Shayna
96) My favorite movie is "The Sound of Music"
97) My favorite vacation spot is Maui
98) I started school a year early, so I graduated high school right after turning 17
99) My favorite class in college was Sedimentary Petrology… Paleontology was a close second.
100) Although I'm guilty of sometimes forgetting...I am very, very blessed!
Whew! I made it! Thanks for reading my Blog!


At 10:20 PM, Blogger Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

This is awesome!! I love the way you did it ... there is so much about you I didn't know. You had a scholarship to U of HI and you TURNED IT DOWN?!?!

Sorry I missed your call tonight. We were finishing baths & then AI was on. Now, I'm running off to take a hot bath since Charlie just finished his hot shower. (It's hard not taking a shower for more than 24 hours when you're feeling cruddy.)

Happy 100, I'm really glad that you're blogging!! And, I really want for you to have another child, too!! (as if that matters!) :)

At 12:06 AM, Blogger Vasudev Udhatya said...

Hello , This was my first visit to your blog.This post was awesome! really innovative of you to put u'r life in just 100 points.:-)
Happy Posting...

At 8:07 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

shalom 'chick...i loved your list...mazal tov on the 100 posts!!! yahoooooo...stay safe my friend...again lovely post

At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Jen said...

Woo Hoo! I made it through all 100!!! And I am happy to say that I am part of your 101st Blog! Give Shayna kisses for Daniel and I. Maybe whn the kids are older and fall in love we can celebrate Hannukah and Christmas together.

Love you,


At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Best mother-in-law in the world said...

Congratulations on your 100th mark! Even I didn't know several of your fact--thanks for the kind words about Dad and me.
Good luck on "Do-Re-Me". Let's talk tomorrow Sunday).
Love, M2

At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Lisa said...

That was really inventive and fun to read! Thanks for sharing. See you on Sunday for your birthday!!! (oh, and the Super Bowl, whatever)


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