Thursday, June 21, 2007

An Outstanding Week!

We celebrated Father's Day with a surprise visit from Mark's mom and dad. Well, it was a surprise for Mark and Art! It was great having Lynn and Art here for a few days. Although their visit was for only a few days, Shayna had loads of fun hanging out with her Grammie and Papa!

After Shayna & I dropped Art & Lynn off at the airport, we hitched a ride with our neighbor to the train station. We took the 10:30 train to San Diego to meet Mark. We stayed at a wonderful resort down in Mission Bay called, Paradise Point. For some reason, it looked strangely familiar... a few phone calls to the parents and they reminded me that we used to stay at this very resort when I was Shayna's age. The neat steel structure that stands in the middle of the resort is what triggered my memories! Seriously, I haven't been here since 1972! Crazy! I then decided that Shayna & I should scale all 81 steps and climb to the top! It was monumental! We then went swimming in our own private pool for the rest of the day! It was great!

it's really getting late right now, so I'll continue this tomorrow....


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