Friday, June 01, 2007


We got a call from Shayna's Urologist yesterday... her recent VCUG results show NO reflux! We can now throw away her antibiotics! After over a year of having to give her antibiotics, we are finished, kaput, fini, beendet, finito, !!! Yippeeee!! Just one piece of advice though, if you ever have to get a prescription filled for you or your child, do your homework. Every time I filled these prescriptions, the pharmacist got it wrong. I had to correct them EVERY time! I am not exaggerating! EVERY TIME! I even yelled at one through the bullet proof glass she was standing behind! - Idiots!

Anyhoo, I'm still loving life as a stay-at-home mom! Where else can you give your kid a chocolate covered banana while watching Oprah????

Tomorrow, we're off to the Valley to see my little cousin's championship baseball game! GO BRIAN!!!


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